Cassidy Porter

Last year I attended my very first Oklahoma Challenge workshop in Norman. When I l left the workshop that day, I was completely amazed by all of the facts and statistics we were shown. I had learned that so many people lose their lives every day because of something that is preventable! My chapter officer team and I, with the help of the facilitators at the workshop, came up with a great plan to promote awareness of distracted driving. We were going to take everything we learned at the workshop and bring it back to our school and community so that we could change the statistics. It was actually pretty simple to start our projects and pretty soon we were getting our whole school and community involved! I definitely want everyone to be able to do what we did for their own communities, so here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Set up a booth at school games with information and pledges for people to sign.
  • Offer incentives for kids at school such as candy, food, drinks, etc. and distribute facts and statistics about distracted driving.
  • Ask a highway patrolman or people that have been effected by distracted driving to speak at your school.
  • Volunteer with elementary pick up and hand out flyers to parents.
  • Bring simulators to the school for students to try out.

There are so many ways we can prevent distracted driving. It’s up to YOU to help promote awareness about the serious issue. There are plenty of resources on the Oklahoma Challenge website for you to use! Make sure to get your school and community involved in everything you do. Remember that you have a voice and the power to make change happen! Just by participating in the Oklahoma Challenge, you can save lives and make a difference! I highly encourage you to support this cause and contact your adviser to help you start today!

Always remember to drive safe! I hope to see you all at the Oklahoma Challenge Award ceremony! 

Cassidy Porter

State Vice President of Public Relations
Latta High School