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Oklahoma Challenge strives to give a comprehensive list of Speakers/Programs that provide engaging, informative speeches on teen safety, distracted driving and seat-belt use. 

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  • Alive at 25 Provides four-hour informational sessions which focuses on the behaviors young drivers and passengers display behind the wheel. Contact: 405-848-8626

  • Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Offers the Commit Drive Don't Text program, which consists of a driving simulator equipped to provide a real-life driving experience. Contact: Cindy Gore, cmgore@ptci.com, (405) 375-0250

  • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Graduated Driver’s License Contact: Sherri Becker, Training Specialist, Sherri.Becker@dps.ok.gov, 405-425-7169

  • Oklahoma Challenge OK Challenge will provide a tailored, interactive presentation to meet your event needs. Contact: Linda Terrell, linda@orcpi.com, 405-416-5448

  • Oklahoma County Sheriff Provides a distracted driver, impaired driver, and seat belt presentation, including a driving simulator , based on your needs. Contact: Sgt. Kelcey Frazier, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office/Oklahoma Highway Safety Liaison, sokelfra@oklahomacounty.org, (405) 202-0677

  • State Farm There’s a lot to know before you hit the open road. Understanding the basics of auto insurance and risk are essential elements to becoming a competent and responsible driver. A State Farm Insurance Agent will come to your school to share his experiences. Why is auto insurance important? What does it cost? What are the consequences of an accident?  What are some things to avoid while driving? Call your local State Farm Agent today and schedule them for a visit to the classroom! Find your local agent here or email jeff.davis.cciv@statefarm.com for more information.

  • Think First a program of the National Injury Prevention Foundation and  INTEGRIS Health Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation hospital, is designed to prevent spinal cord and brain injuries in youth through education.  The goal is to educate students about personal vulnerability and risk taking with a message focusing on having fun, being active, and doing it safely by “think first and use your mind to protect your body.” The unique feature to this program is the VIPs (Voices for Injury Prevention). These are individuals, who have sustained a traumatic injury through a poor choice they or someone else made, share their stories of daily life while living with a lifelong disability.  This, along with the information about how most injuries occur,  is coupled with how to prevent injuries.  The presentation will show models of the brain and spinal cord to demonstrate what happens to those parts of the body when they are injured.  Our program is presented at no charge. The program can be presented in either a large assembly or classroom format per the school’s preference. Contact Dana DuRoy, dana.duroy@integrisok.com, 405-644-5355

  • Gina Collins Mom to Brittanie Montgomery, has a heart-wrenching story to share of the loss of her daughter due to distracted driving.  On December 21, 2006, Brittanie was killed when she lost control of her vehicle, crossed four lanes of traffic, and was struck by an oncoming car. She was talking on her cell phone with a friend at the time of the crash. To schedule Gina to speak at your event, contact her by text/call at 918-841- 8823 or by email at
    Lilbrittsmom@yahoo.com. She is willing to speak in the OKC or Tulsa metro areas. 
    If possible, mileage reimbursement would be helpful for her travel.

  • Nicks Promise Foundation Named after Trooper Nick Dee’s who was killed by a texting driver, was created to educate the public on Move Over and Slow Down laws as well as the dangers of distracted driving.  Nick's Promise speaks at schools, churches, events, etc. to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving. They accomplish this by giving drivers real solutions to real problems using photo and video aides as well as speakers from local law enforcement agencies, EMSA, fire departments as well as family members sharing personal stories of losing family members and friends to distracted driving.  The program takes anywhere from 30 minutes at a minimum to a full school period.  Oklahoma’s texting law, HB 1965, is also known as the "Trooper Nicholas Dees and Trooper Keith Burch Act of 2015." To contact them for a presentation you can go to Nicks Promise Foundation on Facebook or contact Deputy William Wheeler at  (405) 248-5804 (mobile) or by email at deputywheeler@yahoo.com.

  • SAFE stands for Seatbelts Are For Everyone. It is a teen run, peer-to-peer program that focuses on increasing teen restraint compliance through education, positive rewards, and enforcement. It is a partnership between students, law enforcement, and safety advocates. It is designed to bring awareness to the importance of wearing a seatbelt; therefore, reducing the number of motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among teens. We are always accepting new schools! They may contact Dena Trosky at oksafe@dccca.org or her direct line at 405.548.5063.

  • Insurance 101 is a new teaching module designed to show teens how bad driving decisions can cause financial pain.  An experienced educator can present this program at your school.  For additional school resources, The 55-minute program includes three segments: a lecture to define basic insurance terms; a demonstration of how to request a quote; and an interactive, decision-making game.
    Presentation materials include: Animated PowerPoint®, Auto insurance terms handout, Worksheet for use during the game, Combined multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank quiz. The lesson plans and all the hands-on tools are free for educators to use. If you’re interested in scheduling a lesson, contact Tracy Keeley at tracy.keeley@oid.ok.gov to request a date.

  • AAA Oklahoma Driving Safety presentations, teen testimonials, social media message, brochures, commitment cards: “Prom Promise”,“100 Deadliest Days”, “Teens and the 3 Ds (drinking/drugs, distraction & drowsiness)”; Drivers’ training: “How to Drive Online” and “Take the Wheel”;