Students in Generation TXT urge lawmakers to change Oklahoma's texting laws.
FCCLA members teach young people how important it is to not be distracted while driving.


Alive At 25- Free program that works with ages 15-24 that focuses on behaviors young drivers and passengers display behind the wheel. This is a 4 hour course that teaches teens through interactive videos, sharing driving experiences, and role-playing. To schedule call the Oklahoma Safety Council: 405-848-8626


American Automobile Association (AAA) - This organization offers various resources on distracted driving.  For more information go to


AT&T It Can Wait Campaign - Take the pledge, download the app, use the videos and other resources. 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – State data costs and policy information, free social media, latest data and publications and LOTS more. - Great website with videos, statistics and other resources. Info for students, parents, educators, employers and community groups. 


Drive it Home - Here there are many tips on how to talk to teen drivers, get a printable driver/parents agreement, and watch videos where teens talk about the importance of not texting and driving. 


Farmers Insurance – 7 Smart Ways to Distract Yourself from Distracted Driving; Information for parents of teen drivers. 


Ford Driving Skills - Training tools and free resources to help teens become safer drivers.


Generation tXt – Live around the Tulsa area?  This passionate organization, led by youth, can come to your school to present their distracted driving prevention program.  Call Christy Blystone for more information.  (918) 585-5209


Governor’s Highway Safety Association - GHSA represents the state and territorial highway safety offices that implement programs to address behavioral highway safety issues, including: occupant protection, impaired driving, and speeding. GHSA provides leadership and advocacy for the states and territories to improve traffic safety, influence national policy, enhance program management and promote best practices.


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – statistics, laws, news, ratings and more. 


MADD Oklahoma – Mothers Against Drunk Driving


National Center for Injury Prevention and Control provides information on distracted driving risks in the general population as part of its motor vehicle injury prevention program, which focuses on improving use of occupant restraints, reducing impaired driving, and helping groups at risk: child passengers, teen drivers, adult drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) - Saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing economic costs due to road traffic crashes, through education, research, safety standards and enforcement activity. 

  • NHTSA uses Traffic Safety Marketing to build their campaign materials for all their safety campaigns. 
  • This is where you can download the YOU TEXT, YOU DRIVE, YOU PAY campaign materials that Oklahoma uses to promote the new law that went into effect November 1, 2015.   

NHTSA Region 6 – this website is specifically for the states in Region 6 including Oklahoma. 


National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) - Promoting youth empowerment and leadership, and build partnerships that save lives, prevent injuries and enhance safe and healthy lifestyles among all youths. This organization is directly connected to FCCLA.  


National Safety Council - many great resources.  Materials on Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Great videos by NSC on YouTube as well.


The Network for Traffic Safety (NETS) has partnered with the Department of Transportation in Drive Safely Work Week and provides distracted driving resources and meaningful education and awareness activities to keep workers safe. The 2016 Drive Safely Work Week™ toolkit launched August 17.


Nick’s Promise – Family of Trooper Nicholas Dee’s, who died at the hands of a texting driver, will present at your school.  Contact Barry at Nick’s Promise Foundation on FaceBook. 


Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police - The priority of the OACP is the enhancement of professionalism in policing by law enforcement administrators & their administrative support personnel.


Oklahoma Department of Public Safety - This is where you can connect to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.



Oklahoma Highway Safety Office - This state office has many traffic safety resources available to share with your group.  They have a video loaner library including, distracted driving, as well as, information on seat belts and impaired issues. They also have resources for the development of a few PSA’s. For more information on what the Highway Safety Office has to offer, call (405) 523-1570 or visit or write the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office at 3223 N. Lincoln, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105-5405.

Oklahoma Safety Council - The Oklahoma Safety Council is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, public service organization which promotes the adoption of safety, health, and environmental practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and economic loss. They have many DD resources and host the Alive@25 course. (See above)


Oklahoma Sheriffs Association - Serving Sheriffs in Oklahoma since 1991 through training, education, developing laws, providing technical informational support and policies that promote public safety.  


Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

  • Promote the enforcement of law and order
  • Advance the science of crime prevention and the detection of crime
  • Encourage cooperation of mutual assistance between law enforcement agencies
  • Promote and encourage high standard for law enforcement and honor in the profession. 

Oklahoma State Department of Health - FREE Presentations Available by Request:  

  • Oklahoma’s Graduated Driver Licensing Program  
  • Teen Driver Safety 
  • Distracted Driving 
  • Impaired Driving 
  • Survival Guide for Parents of Teen Drivers  
  • Car Seats 101: Child Passenger Safety for Parents
  • Road Safety for Kids 
  • Road Safety for Seniors

General Motor Vehicle Safety Presentations are tailored to fit the needs of your group!  Contact Laswanique M. Gray, MPH, CHES Health Educator, Injury Prevention Service, Oklahoma State Department of (405) 271-3430 or 1-800-522-0204


Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute - ORCPI’s mission is to enable all community members, law enforcement, government officials, community leaders and merchants, educational l professionals and students to see themselves as stake holders in building a safer Oklahoma.  The community policing philosophy encourages a broader understanding between citizens and law enforcement and focuses on a shared responsibility in preventing crime and making neighborhoods safer.  

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative - Pioneer is partnering with schools and communities to educate youth and adults on the dangers of texting and driving through their "Commit" Drive Don't Text program. The program consists of a driving simulator equipped to provide a real-life driving experience, making drivers aware that texting while driving or any other cell phone-related use, is an extremely dangerous practice and could result in critically injuring yourself or in worse cases, killing yourself or others.


Safe Kids Oklahoma -  Safe Kids Oklahoma is the state's leading organization in battling the #1 killer of children: Preventable Injury. More Oklahoma children die and are disabled by injuries than any other disease or illness. Safe Kids advocates, educates and provides resources to families and professionals to help keep kids safe at home, at play and on the way! There is a great parent/driver agreement on their website.   Tulsa SafeKids


State Farm – Statistics, state laws, graduated drivers licenses, driving drowsy, aggressive driving.   


Statistics By County (2013, 2014, 2015) – Statistics of distracted driving by Oklahoma County and year. View Spreadsheet.


STOP THE TEXTS, STOP THE WRECKS CAMPAIGN  - We live in a constantly connected world where multitasking is second nature and communicating is instant. Coupled with this compulsion, teens and young adults are overly confident in their ability to 'safely' text while driving.

To stop this dangerous behavior, the Ad Council collaborated with the office of the State Attorneys General and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to create a Texting and Driving Prevention campaign. The campaign targets young adult drivers and aims to show them the consequences of this seemingly benign behavior. The campaign features Public Service Advertising (PSAs) in TV, radio, outdoor and web, as well as integrated digital and social media platforms. All advertising drives consumers to where consumers can find tips and tactics for how to curb this behavior.

Also contact the safety education divisions of your local police department and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troop headquarters.


Students Against Destructive Driving - Promoting health and developing leadership skills in students. Recourses available and helpful tips. Oklahoma SADD contact: Terrence Spain, 405-522-2700


Think First - Our vision is that students of all ages have access to ThinkFirst programs in order to increase their ability to lower their risk for injury, thereby significantly lowering the incidence of injury-related death and disability for all age groups. There are local presentations available, contact Dana DuRoy,, 405 644 5355


The USAA Educational Foundation - Distracted driving informational booklet (digital form and printable form) available for free here. 


The Young Driver Research Initiative - Download tools tailored to your needs, watch videos, get statistics and facts here.