Phone App Resources 

  • Lifesaver The app that auto-detects driving and blocks phone use on the road.

  • AT&T Drive Mode Everyone knows texting and driving is dangerous, yet when a text message comes in, it's difficult not to respond. AT&T DriveMode is a free* app that can silence incoming alerts and phone calls so you stay focused while driving.

  • TrueMotion Family/Mojo The app that rewards safe driving.

  • Pocket Points is a new mobile application that gives students rewards for not using their phones during class. Simply open the app on campus, lock your phone, and start gaining points. Points are then used at local and online businesses for awesome student discounts, coupons, or gifts!

Distracted Driving Awareness and Education

  • Alive At 25 Free program that works to change behaviors young drivers and passengers display behind the wheel.

  • American Automobile Association (AAA) Offers various resources for teens.

  • AT&T It Can Wait Campaign Take the pledge, download the app, use the videos and other resources.

  • EndDD Features facts and resources for school and workplace presentations. (great video resource)

  • Farmers Insurance Information for teens and parents, including Seven Smart Ways to Distract Yourself from Distracted Driving.

  • The Network for Traffic Safety (NETS) Distracted driving resources, meaningful education and awareness activities to keep workers safe.

  • The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office Educational materials, statistics and speakers.

  • Stop Texts, Stop Wrecks Videos, statistics and tips to help start a distracted driving awareness campaign.

  • Oklahoma Driving Concern Works with Oklahoma employers to promote safe driving practices among their employees, both on and off the job. Download and share this Looping File in your lobbies, breakrooms and other places where you post information on video monitors. Learn answers to these questions (and much, much more). Safety Coach Tailgate Talk cards can be used when teaching safety huddles outside of a traditional classroom setting. This popular deck now includes some new cards, while keeping all of your old favorites (with newly updated stats and facts). Cards feature discussion points and questions with suggested answers. Each card is labeled with a topic. Use all the cards of one topic to form a complete safety lesson, or mix them up for a Jeopardy-style quiz game with your group. The Safety Coach Cards would be a great place to grab Q&A for the game.

Seat Belt Specfic Safety

  • Safe Kids Worldwide Good information on safety related to seat belts and children.

  • Everyone Goes Home Firefighter ran initiative dedicated to the safety of others. Lots of good videos and stories.

  • Teen Driver Source Seat belt use, facts and stats.

  • SAFE is a teen-run, peer-to-peer program focusing on increasing teen restraint compliance through education, positive rewards and enforcement. It is designed to bring awareness to the importance of wearing a seatbelt, therefore reducing the number of motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among Oklahoma teens.

Distracted Driving/ Seat Belt safety related Statistics and Articles

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